Peliton's Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities

We have the plastic injection molding equipment and technical experience to handle your projects large and small. We custom manufacture a wide variety of products including auto parts, pest control devices, kitchen products, toys, promotional products and much more. If you have a project, invention or idea in mind, we invite you to tour our company located in Valdosta, Georgia, click for driving directions).

FYI: Plastic injection molding machines, consist of a hopper that mixes color and feeds the raw beads into the machine. A heating element that melts the plastic. A screw-type plunger that injects the molten plastic into the mold and the mold where the part is formed.

Molding machine are rated by tonnage, which is the amount of clamping force needed to hold the two halves of the mold closed. The tonnage needed is determined by the size of the part, and the type of material being used. Larger parts require more pressure to hold the mold together.

Our Injection Molding Machines
Shot Size from .001 to 5.00 pounds.


Computrac max 4000XL Moisture Analyzer
(2) Branson 900 Ultrasonic Welders
Evapco Cooling Tower
Cincinnati Milacron 10 Ton Chiller
Cincinnati Milacron Temperature Control Unit
Musser 2000 Mold texturing unit
Aquatherm Temperature Control Unit
Cincinnati Milacron Granulator 6" x 7.5"
Cumberland Granulator 8" x 10"
Conair Granulator 10" x 12"
Putney 250 LB Automatic Color/UV Mixer
Quincy 350 Air Compressor
General Rally4 Air Line Dryer
Cincinnati Desiccant Dryer
Witlock Desiccant Dryer
9 Accu-Feed Additive Blenders
5 IMS 115403 Hopper Loaders

Machine Shop

Master Cam 14
Mastercam XIIII Cad/Cam Software
Birmingham 1660 Lathe 16" x 60" 7
Wells-Index Mill 12" x 32" 1
Kent USA 10" X 20" Surface Grinder
6" x 12" Surface Grinder
Thompson 9" x 36" Surface Grinder
Fosdick Drill Press 1hp
Grob Vertical Band Saw
Lincoln Horizontal Band Saw 4" x 5"
6" Belt Sander
9" Disc Sander
Denison A 1t Multipress (Arbor Press)
Sunex 4920A 20 Ton Hydraulic Press
Santec SED 300C Sinker EDM
Fryer MB-10 CNC Mill


Miller 330A/BP TIG/Ark
Century 130 MIG Wire Feed
Gesswein Weldmax 150 Micro Welder

Packaging and Shipping

Dibi Pack Ecopack 900AA Full Auto Sleeve Wrapper
Nordson Hot Melt Applicator 115
Uline Poly Strapping Machine H-32
Rotary Pallet Wrapper
EZ-Tek EZ-Taper SB 353
EZ-Tek EZ-Taper SB 526

Pad Printing and Screen Printing

M&R Saturn 1526 Flatbed Screen Printing Press
Filbar Model 300 Automatic Screen Printing Press
M & R Vitran UV Dryer VIT2-241-01
AT-235D Pad Printer
AT-612 Exposure Unit
Prime 7001 48" x 48" Flatbed Screen Printer
Rawdon Industries RI-040 Flame Treatment System
NuArc MSP 3140 Metal Halide Screen Imaging System
Ex-Cell 2100 PSI Pressure Washer
Xante ScreenWriter III
Epson R2000 Wide Format Printer
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4
Hot Stamping Machine

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